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Studio of architects, urban planners and designers, composed by Gian Luigi Banfi (Milan, 1910 - Gusen 1945), Lodovico Barbiano di Belgiojoso (Milan 1909 - 2004), Enrico Peressutti (Pinzano al Tagliamento , Udine, 1908 - Milan 1976) and Ernesto Nathan Rogers (Trieste 1909 - Gardone, Brescia, 1969). Founded in Milan in 1932, the studio was a vivid part of the debate of the modern movement, becoming one of the leading exponents and masters of the Italian design. The first important intervention project was designed in 1946, after the war and the loss of Banfi: the planning of the reconstruction of Milan, the A.R.plan. At the IX Triennale in Milan, when the birth of Italian design (1951) began, they organised the exhibition “The shape of usefulness” (with Francesco Buzzi Ceriani and Max Huber). In the area of design, apart from the chairs for arflex, still in production, they produced the very innovative office furnishings “Spazio” for Olivetti, the silver teapot service for Calderoni and Emma handle for Olivari.

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