arflex-ISLAND-mesa de centro-serviço-design-Bernhardt-Vella-madeira-carvalho-preto-wengè-chocolate-brilhante-laqueado- estar-escritório-hospitalidade-luxo-projeto-madeinitaly-moderno-contemporâneo

Mesinha 56 x 56
Mesinha 98 x 98
Mesinha 120 x 60
Mesinha 140 x 50

progetado por (designed by)

Bernhardt & Vella

Ellen Bernhardt, born in Germany and Paola Vella, born in Assisi, Italy, both move to Milan in 2001. They meet at a design studio in Milan and start their collaboration based on affinity and a common vision of design, developed during their individual international working experiences.  Design is understood as an individual interface, which can tell in a simple and clear way the project and at the same time convey emotion and poetry. Since 2008 they collaborate with important furniture companies, developing products and acting as artistic directors.

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