扶手椅 81 - 低版本
扶手椅 82 - 高版本

arflex-italian-design-story-livingroom-house-design-living-hospitality-project- luxury -madeinitaly-contemporary-algon-arcolor

Arcolor 30

由...设计 Jaime Hayon 2017


Algon - Low version

由...设计 Luca Nichetto 2016


arflex-italian-design-story-livingroom-house-design-living-hospitality-project- luxury -madeinitaly-classic-giulietta-tablet-algon

Tablet 50

由...设计 Claesson Koivisto Rune 2010



由...设计 B.B.P.R. 1958

B.B.P.R. 他设计了Giulietta扶手椅,该扶手椅具有arflex产品独特的所有功能:对线条和绝对舒适性的透彻研究,同时又不失优雅。 凭借这个模型,他征服了《多莫斯》杂志的封面。(第372号-1960年11月)。

Algon - Low version

由...设计 Luca Nichetto 2016



Luca Nichetto

Luca Nichetto was born in 1976 in Venice, where he studied at the Art Institute. Afterwards he attended the University Institute of Architecture of Venice (IUAV), where he earned a degree in Industrial Design. He began his professional career in 1999 by designing his first projects in Murano glass for Salviati. In the same year he began his collaboration with Foscarini, for whom he not only designed products, but also worked as a consultant on new materials research and product development (2001–2003). In 2006 in Porto Marghera, near Venice, he launched his own design studio, Nichetto&Partners, which specializes in industrial design and offers its services as design consultancy. In 2011 he decided also to open a new professional office in Stockholm, Sweden
Over the course of his career, Nichetto has been awarded a number of international prizes, including the Gran Design Award 2008, the Chicago Atheneum Museum of Architecture’s Good Design Award (2008), the IF Product Design Award (2008) and the Elle Decoration International Design Awards’ (EDIDA - 2009)  as designer of the Year award in the Young Designer Talent category. 
He held numerous lectures and workshops at various universities, both in Italy and abroad and taught at the Iuav of Venice, Faculty of Design and Arts. Apart from participating in various design exhibitions in Europe, in the U.S.A. and in Japan, Nichetto has also been the subject of important retrospective shows mounted in prominent European cities, including Venice, London, Paris and Stockholm and he served, as art director, for a number of international design events. In addition, he has been invited to sit on prestigious juries for a variety of design competitions, held both in Italy and abroad. Today, Nichetto collaborates with a wide variety of Italian and international companies, including arflex, Bosa, Casamania, Cassina, David Design, De Padova, Discipline, Established & Sons, Fornasarig, Foscarini, Fratelli Guzzini, Gallotti & Radice, Glass, Globo, Italesse, La Chance, King’s, Kristalia, Mabeo, MG Lab, Moroso, Offecct, Ogeborg, Petite Friture, Salviati, Skitsch, Skultuna, Tacchini and Venini.


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