Diseñado por Claesson Koivisto Rune

Cradle armchair

Diseñado por Neri&Hu 2017

Su característica se basa en la estructura: una construcción clásica triangular, que se repite muchas veces alrededor del producto, permitiendo...

Cradle small table

Diseñado por Neri&Hu 2018

Cradle, una mesita cuya característica se basa en la estructura: una construcción clásica triangular, que se repite muchas veces a su alrededor.

Radia wall hanging

Diseñado por David Dolcini


Diseñado por Fabrizio Ballardini


Diseñado por Claesson Koivisto Rune 2015

Jules & Jim son dos sillones simples, con un asiento de alto confort. Jules es la versión más pequeña y Jim la versión más ancha.

Goya table

Diseñado por arflex 2019

Goya es una mesa de líneas circulares, esenciales y simples, pero de gran impacto visual.

Tokio - Service 106 x 32

Diseñado por Claesson Koivisto Rune 2022

All of these additional elements have a strong and functional design, ideal to place everyday objects and, with all these characteristics, they...

Capilano - Triangular version

Diseñado por Luca Nichetto 2016

Suportado por una estructura liviana y elegante en metal, la serie de mesitas Capilano toma el nombre del puente colgante Capilano en Vancouver. 

Arcolor 100

Diseñado por Jaime Hayon 2017

Mesitas diseñadas alrededor de la geometría clásica del arco, precisando desde el principio la utilización disciplinada del arco para crear algo...

Scalea 75

Diseñado por Bernhardt & Vella 2022

With a design entirely inspired by its material, its thin round top is contrasted by a sculptural scaled base - an intentional and marked design...

Radia wall hanging

Diseñado por David Dolcini

diseñado por

David Dolcini

"For me, design is a magical balance. A process of synthesis able to condense the complexities of a project into an essential and organic product, but still full of meaning." 
David Dolcini was born in Italy, near Milan, in a family with a long tradition in craftsmanship and production. His vision and approach to design comes from a combination of different educational and professional experiences abroad over the years. 
After finishing his studies at Politecnico di Milano in 2004, he entered the design world as a project manager for Luceplan and later worked for A00-Architecture in Shanghai. 
In 2007 he founded his own brand DAVID DOLCINI, which deals mainly with product and industrial design, interior design, installations and art direction.
Dolcini's design approach is characterized by direct technical insight in each project, knowledge of materials and production technologies, combined with transversal research: from art to architecture, from craftsmanship to industrial design.
Some of his works, such as Ara, Pinocchio and MOD, have been selected for international exhibitions and exhibited at the Triennale di Milano.  
Between 2003 and 2011 he collaborated with NGOs in the development of social projects in Kenya, Brazil and Mozambique. In 2012 he opened a new base of operations in Valencia, Spain, and in 2017 and 2018 he was Ambassador for the Italian Design Day in the world; in Yerevan (Armenia) and Helsinki (Finland). 
Every single project is developed through a rigorous design methodology and a multidisciplinary analytical criterion. The methodological approach of the Studio is based on the combination and interaction of the following key points: 
Accurate and tailor-made work on each project, dealing directly with individual problems and testing solutions and details through prototypes and models made by hand in our laboratory. 
Innovation as a design driver, matured in years of projects through a constant direct comparison with the main and most modern industrial production technologies. 
Never forget where we come from! Italian heritage is an immense and wonderful heritage that permeates all our work and characterizes the identity of the studio and the approach to each project. 
The numerous experiences abroad over the years, the opening of an operative base also in Spain and the collaboration with clients from all over the world enrich the studio with an international vision. 

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